​The 5 Best Photo Editing Apps

photo editing apps

Apart from buying the right equipment and reading up on how to take the best travel photos, editing is one of the most important aspects of having great pictures! It ensures that your photos reach the maximum potential your effort put in, and is a necessary aspect of post processing. Nowadays, instant editing is made easy with the abundance of photo apps out there, so be sure to download and have your arsenal ready for use!


A top app in its ability to edit while keeping the image looking natural and maintaining high quality. I would really recommend this for serious photo afficionados!



A fan favorite, with subtle yet distinct filters. I personally think Snapseed is more user friendly, but there’s a reason VSCO is so popular. Great for those who love soft, muted tones.

best photo editing apps


Wonderful for portraits or photos with people in them! This app allows you to blur out imperfections, edit and tweak, whiten teeth, etc. Just make sure to keep it looking relatively natural for best results.



Great for building collages when one photo just isn’t enough to share! I love using this app particularly with food collages, or chef’s tastings when there are so many photos of various dishes to share.


Tried and true, this classic is reliable and easy to use! Though Instagram does have its limitations in editing software, it’s still my go-to for a quick edit here and there.

best photo editing apps

Got other favorite apps? Let me know so I can try them out!
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  • Nasrin February 22, 2017 at 7:18 am

    GIMP is my favorite photo editing app.

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