“I go to seek a Great Perhaps.” — Francois Rabelais, French poet

My name is Pier Nirandara, and welcome to my travel blog Pier’s Great Perhaps! Inspired by the quote by Francois Rabelais, I wanted to capture that feeling of insatiable wanderlust, and the desire to explore what else is out there.

I’m an avid reader of many travel blogs, but it struck me that most blogs are written by full-time travelers. While this is an incredible lifestyle, I personally want to balance a long-term career (I work in the film industry) and life at home while also scratching that travel itch! I guess you could say I want to have my cake and eat it too. It’s a lot to juggle, but completely doable with smart planning.

My goals:

  • Create a space to share travel experiences with fellow wanderlusters who seek a work/life/travel balance
  • Build a community around a zest for exploration

From backpacking adventures to 5-star hotels, this blog chronicles my globe-trotting misadventures around the world, with guides and tips on travel, photography and food (yum!) Feel free to comment, share, or let me know what else you’d like to see!

Some quick fun facts:

  • Hometown: Bangkok, Thailand

  • Currently reside in: Los Angeles, California

  • Work: Hollywood (yes, that Hollywood!)

  • Traveled to: 67 countries, 7 continents

  • I write young adult novels under the pen name Pieretta Dawn, and have a lot of experience as a guest speaker

  • I’m obsessed with food, outdoor sports, and love all sorts of art – photography, poetry, film, music, you name it!

Have questions, comments, or business inquiries? Feel free to contact me!