What is Pier’s Great Perhaps, and who is Pier?

Hi there! My name is Pier Nirandara, and welcome to my travel blog Pier’s Great Perhaps. Inspired by the quote by French poet Francois Rabelais, “I go to seek a Great Perhaps,” I wanted to capture that feeling of insatiable wanderlust, and the desire to explore what else is out there.

How is Pier’s Great Perhaps different?

I’m an avid reader of many travel blogs, but it struck me that most blogs are written by full-time travelers. While this is an incredible lifestyle I personally find myself wanting to balance a long-term career (I work in the film industry) and life at home while also scratching that travel itch! I guess you could say I want to have my cake and eat it too. It’s a lot to juggle, but completely doable with smart planning.

My goal is to create a space to share travel experiences with fellow wanderlusters who may also seek this balance, and to build a community around a zest for exploration.

What can I expect to find here?

From backpacking adventures to 5-star hotels, this blog chronicles my globe-trotting misadventures around the world, with guides and tips on how to squeeze in some traveling in between a busy work and home schedule. As a photographer, I also tend to focus on visually stimulating destinations, and am known to plan itineraries around photography and ‘eatineraries’ around my other passion: food! There are entire sections dedicated to these topics.

Feel free to comment, share, or let me know what else you’d like to see!

What do you currently do? Do you work?

Yes! I am a full time employee working in Hollywood, fulfilling my love for storytelling in the film industry. All trips I do are balanced with scheduled holidays or carefully planned time off!

How do you travel so much?

I’ve been extremely fortunate to grow up in a family that values traveling and had the means to do so. Nowadays, I take trips more frequently with friends or by myself on a cheaper budget, balancing time and money between my full time job and travel. I work in Hollywood, which some people may know is one of the busiest industries with limited vacation time. However, I’m not letting this deter me from globe-trotting, as I’m a firm believer that with careful planning, you can have it all!

Where have you traveled?

I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to 67 countries/territories and 7 continents. For a full list, check out Where I’ve Been!

Where I
Where I've Been

Where are your photos from?

All the photos on Pier’s Great Perhaps are my own. Yes, sometimes this may mean sacrificing the perfect image as I may only have an old grainy picture available for a certain destination, but travel isn’t perfect! I’d also like to put an emphasis on original content. Eventually, I may start featuring guest photographers (with credit, of course!) to bring exposure to talented individuals.

What camera equipment do you use?

I shoot mostly with a Canon 5D Mark III,a Sony RX100, GoPro Hero 4 Silver, and iPhone 6S! For a full list, check out my Photography Gear.

Where is your favorite place?

Such a difficult question to answer! Every location is unique, but I’m a sucker for cold weather climates and landscape photography. My top country for this would probably be Iceland due to its long golden hour(s) that make chasing the light supremely fun, and my favorite trip setting sail to Antarctica.