5 Must-Have Apps for Travel Photography

One of the most wonderful things about traveling is taking and sharing photos from around the world! I’ve collected my list of the best travel photography apps below, from software that helps convert your photography into beautiful prints and pieces of art, to turning your quick travel shots into postcards you can send to friends and family!

For sharing: Instagram

Tried and true, this classic is reliable and easy to use! Though Instagram does have its limitations in editing software, it’s still my to-go for a quick touch up here and there.

best travel photography apps

For backing up: Google Photos

There’s nothing worse than losing travel photos, which is why I’m meticulous about backing up my shots! Google Photos is incredible with this, automatically syncing the photos from your iPhone to a cloud so you can access them on any device while on the road. You can also set it so that photos sync while on Wi-Fi only, so you don’t end up being charged $$$ for data roaming!


For live updates: Snapchat

There’s a reason so many travel bloggers are on Snapchat. It’s a wonderful way to update your followers with brief videos and images with cute doodles and cool geofilters! What makes Snapchat so unique is it demands real time photography, so you know you’re always getting live updates.


For sending postcards of your photos: Postagram

Turn your photos into postcards, and send them around the world! Pricing starts at $1 for US delivery and $2 for international delivery – not bad at all.

best travel photography apps

For turning your photos into prints: Parabo

A chance to turn your pictures into affordable prints and decorative books! I absolutely love the feel and quality of their products. Here’s a photo of my photos (photo-ception!)

Use my code LZNDAN to get 25 square prints for FREE!


Let me know what other helpful travel photography apps you use!
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