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6 Fantastic Foods to Eat in Belgium

While studying abroad in Paris, my friends and I took a long weekend trip to Amsterdam. On the way back, we made a stop in Brussels, and with not a lot of time to do much else, resorted to doing what we do best: eating! If you’re wondering what to eat in Belgium, this post is for you!

what to eat in belgium

Here’s a quick guide to what to eat in Brussels

Chocolate / hot chocolate

It’s not a trip to Belgium without chocolate! Belgian chocolatiers treat their craft as a form of art, displaying meticulously crafted truffles, cubes, and various chocolates in their storefront. Some of these goodies almost look too good to eat, but go ahead and feel free stuff yourself!

what to eat in belgium

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Double-dippers rejoice! Belgians fry their fries twice, upping the crispiness. Eat fries like a local by dipping them in mayo or aioli instead of ketchup.


If you’re in Belgium in the summer, you’re here for mussel season! These are traditionally served in huge pots and cooked in delicious, flavorful broths of garlic, white wine, beer, and vegetables. Be sure to go with a friend so you can indulge yourself in kilos of mussels (yes, kilos!) My favorite is definitely moules a la creme, or mussels in a thick heavy cream sauce…mmm.

what to eat in brussels


Chocolate not your thing? No fear, Belgium offers an incredible alternative, known as speculoos. Available as crunchy cookies or a peanut-butter-like spread, speculoos is best slathered on waffles and edible on pretty much anything else (ice cream, pastries, you name it!)


What’s that smell that seems to linger around town? If you note the aromatic scent of something sweet cooking, it’s the abundance of waffles! These are such a national dish, and are meant for all meals of the day. Go for classic nutella, Belgian chocolate, whipped cream, strawberry, ice cream, or your new best friend – speculoos!

what to eat in brussels


If you’re a beer fanatic, make sure to visit Delirium, a famous record-holding brewery with over 3,000 beers to choose from. Look for the signature pink elephant logo, and try one of the best known drinks, the blonde ale Delirium Tremens!

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What’s your favorite food to eat in Belgium? 

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